A Healthy Cookbook for Asthmatics and Anyone on Prednisone & Corticosteroids

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I’m So Hungry is an informative book on asthma, corticosteroids with excellent recipes to support the food-breathing connection hypothesis, not a traditional cookbook. A book of passion for excellent food, healthy recipes and a desire to increase your understanding of steroids and the importance of clean cooking techniques, why these techniques relate to your ability to live healthier and breathe easier.

I also convey throughout the book the importance of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and why following a low-sodium diet will help reduce some of the side-effects of corticosteroids. Additionally, when creating these recipes a focus must not only be on taste, ingredients, quality, and value, but also on nutrition and health.

Lastly, anyone who has ever taken steroids might be surprised at the side-effects and how the drug can make you so HUNGRY. This cookbook will make it easier for you to satisfy your cravings with healthy, delicious foods. When you suffer with asthma or any other disease, there is no downside to eating healthfully and enjoying it.